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Where The Light Is

August 28, 2008




This is not a review, just my wanting to spread the word on some really good music.

Recently, John Mayer released a cd/dvd called Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles. I listened to it at first on Rhapsody- my online music player. I was somewhat impressed, but, like with most of my favorite musicians, I only like listening to songs I already know. Usually it takes at least 4-5 times for me to listen to a new cd and start to like it.

Anyways, I recognized a few of the songs, but a majority was new material that I had never heard. However, when I was in South Bend with Dennis last week, he bought the blu ray DVD of the concert, and it was unbelievable. John Mayer is one of my favorite musicians, and although he always looks like he’s constipated/watching the scene where Bambi’s mom dies when he sings, he in an extremely talented guitar player. The concert is broken into 3 sections: John performing accoustic, performing with his John Mayer Trio jazz band, and with another band. On the blu ray it looks and sounds much better than on an mp3 player.

If you haven’t heard or watched Where The Light Is, I highly recommend picking it up at Best Buy or downloading it. Do I condone illegally downloading some of the tracks? Fuck yes I do. Everybody does it.

If you want some suggestions for which songs to download, here are my favorite tracks from the CD.

1. In Your Atmosphere– a track I had never heard before. It’s accoustic and just sounds nice. There’s a second part to the song that starts after a brief round of applause from the crowd, and that’s actually my favorite part of the song.

2. Stop This Train– a very soothing song, and sounds great on the guitar. Good lyrics and there’s a part of the track where John whistles and sounds so good, it doesn’t even sound like a human could produce the noise (but after watching the DVD, it is Mayer).

3. Gravity– One of my all-time favorite songs of his. He performs it with his jazz trio and it’s a great live rendition. Really puts you in a good mood, and at over 8 minutes long, has some great guitar parts.

4. Why Georgia– A Mayer classic from his first cd. It’s a very energetic acoustic version, and he really sounds good on the track.

Hope you like the suggestions, and let me know if you listen to any of Where The Light Is!


Job Hunting Update!

August 27, 2008

asdfasadfjdsaghadfougdfkjaf!!!!!!!!!!! That’s me being excited, as I am officially employed. I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume anyone who reads this blog (if anyone even reads it…hello?…anyone?…fuck my life) went to bed after reading my last post, but not before saying a prayer for me to find a job. I really appreciate you dropping to your knees like Jenna Jameson, putting your hands together, bowing your head against the bed, and wishing for yours truely to find a job. I can’t thank you enough for trying.

However, none of you helped.

In actuality, it was the Olson twins- stars of New York Minute, and Passport to Paris- who just so happen to be frequent readers of my blog, and who’s job prayers were answered. The reason I know this is because anyone who prayed for me, simply prayed “for Morvay to find a job.” However, given the fact that the Olson’s are twins, both of their prayers were combined, and I now have TWO JOBS! That’s right, not one, but a pair of jobs!

The first is a 12-day gig with the US Open. I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be doing , but it’s 10 dollars an hour, and I’ll get to make some great connections with some New York media there. That starts Wednesday night, with my shifts scheduled from 4pm-1am. It has nothing to do with my journalism or broadcasting, but it will be a good way to make some decent money for the fall.

My second job is with the New York Islanders. It is officially titled a journallism internship, but I’ll be just as important as any other media, as I’ll be covering the ins and outs of the team until December. I negotiated with my boss to pay me $50 a game, which is great since they had offered no money at first. There was also mention of some broadcasting opportunities, so I’m extremely excited to start. Although financially this won’t be beneficial, I’ll be making some amazing contacts, bolster my resume, and learn from once-in-a-lifetime experiences while working for a professional sports organization.

This is what I’ve been waiting for, a chance to get my foot in the door, a chance to get my feet wet, and any other feet sayings you can think of. It’s the start of my career and I couldn’t be happier. The fact that I’m going from working with and writing about college players, to working on a daily basis with multi-millionaires is a pretty cool feeling. It’s comparable to going from dating Marge Simpson to Jessica Simpson. This is a great first step in my career, and I’m really glad it allows me to remain in New York.

Also, I’m really looking forward to meeting the Ice Girls.

Job Hunting

August 24, 2008

Growing up, I always thought you go to high school, you go to college, and as soon as you graduate, you have a job offer waiting for you. My brother had confirmed that when he recieved a very good job offer, which he took, as soon as he graduated from Ohio State. Unfortunatly, this dream world is not the case. I have been home for about 3 weeks now since completing my journalism internship in Florida and have yet to find a solid job offer. Do I miss the retirement community I lived in while working for the Leesburg Lightning? To asnwer that, simply ask yourself: does Joan Rivers have a natural face? much as I hated living there, it was nice having work.

I’ve applied to countless jobs/internships over the past few months, and no one seems to be hiring right now. I was offered an internship with the New York Islanders, but it’s unpaid and would cost me far too much to accept. I keep contacting multiple writers/reporters/editors/broadcasters in the New York area- but all they have to offer is to “sit down and talk.” Of course I gladly except their offers, as any advice right now is good advice. But just once I would like one of them to say “there might be a job opening.” I feel like my writing and communication skills are above average and any company or organization would be lucky to have me.

I found a 12-day job at the US Open starting August 26th (they wanted me to work 8am-1am…without overtime and without a day off- I renegotiated to 4pm-1am). But once that ends, I’m back to being jobless like each member of LFO.

But I’m staying positive, and hopefully I’ll find something soon!

Enchanted Forest

August 22, 2008

My first blog entry. Very exciting (not really). I’m considering a career in sports journalism and thus, it is essential to have a blog (so they say). I’m currently in South Bend, Indiana, about 5 miles from the Notre Dame campus. I drove out with Dennis so he didn’t have to do the 12 hour drive by himself, and to help him move into his new apartment in Castle Point. Well, actually, he lives in a place called the Enchanted Forest, which is a section of CP. To my dissapointment, I have yet to see any gnomes, fairies, or magic pixy dust…but I’m staying hopeful. Dennis has had to call Best Buy and HP a few times to order some new things for his apartment, and every time they ask for his address, it turns into a very funny conversation. 

It’s weird being back in the state of Indiana, as I didn’t know when I would return after my graduation this past May. However I still have yet to visit IU, which I probably won’t do for at least a few months. Notre Dame is very familiar to me though, and it’s nice being back here and seeing some familiar places and faces. More old friends will be trickling in over the weekend, so I’m looking forward to that. Until then, it’s just me, Dennis, and Peter Pan in the Enchanted Forest.