Enchanted Forest

My first blog entry. Very exciting (not really). I’m considering a career in sports journalism and thus, it is essential to have a blog (so they say). I’m currently in South Bend, Indiana, about 5 miles from the Notre Dame campus. I drove out with Dennis so he didn’t have to do the 12 hour drive by himself, and to help him move into his new apartment in Castle Point. Well, actually, he lives in a place called the Enchanted Forest, which is a section of CP. To my dissapointment, I have yet to see any gnomes, fairies, or magic pixy dust…but I’m staying hopeful. Dennis has had to call Best Buy and HP a few times to order some new things for his apartment, and every time they ask for his address, it turns into a very funny conversation. 

It’s weird being back in the state of Indiana, as I didn’t know when I would return after my graduation this past May. However I still have yet to visit IU, which I probably won’t do for at least a few months. Notre Dame is very familiar to me though, and it’s nice being back here and seeing some familiar places and faces. More old friends will be trickling in over the weekend, so I’m looking forward to that. Until then, it’s just me, Dennis, and Peter Pan in the Enchanted Forest.


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