Job Hunting

Growing up, I always thought you go to high school, you go to college, and as soon as you graduate, you have a job offer waiting for you. My brother had confirmed that when he recieved a very good job offer, which he took, as soon as he graduated from Ohio State. Unfortunatly, this dream world is not the case. I have been home for about 3 weeks now since completing my journalism internship in Florida and have yet to find a solid job offer. Do I miss the retirement community I lived in while working for the Leesburg Lightning? To asnwer that, simply ask yourself: does Joan Rivers have a natural face? much as I hated living there, it was nice having work.

I’ve applied to countless jobs/internships over the past few months, and no one seems to be hiring right now. I was offered an internship with the New York Islanders, but it’s unpaid and would cost me far too much to accept. I keep contacting multiple writers/reporters/editors/broadcasters in the New York area- but all they have to offer is to “sit down and talk.” Of course I gladly except their offers, as any advice right now is good advice. But just once I would like one of them to say “there might be a job opening.” I feel like my writing and communication skills are above average and any company or organization would be lucky to have me.

I found a 12-day job at the US Open starting August 26th (they wanted me to work 8am-1am…without overtime and without a day off- I renegotiated to 4pm-1am). But once that ends, I’m back to being jobless like each member of LFO.

But I’m staying positive, and hopefully I’ll find something soon!


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