Where The Light Is




This is not a review, just my wanting to spread the word on some really good music.

Recently, John Mayer released a cd/dvd called Where The Light Is: John Mayer Live in Los Angeles. I listened to it at first on Rhapsody- my online music player. I was somewhat impressed, but, like with most of my favorite musicians, I only like listening to songs I already know. Usually it takes at least 4-5 times for me to listen to a new cd and start to like it.

Anyways, I recognized a few of the songs, but a majority was new material that I had never heard. However, when I was in South Bend with Dennis last week, he bought the blu ray DVD of the concert, and it was unbelievable. John Mayer is one of my favorite musicians, and although he always looks like he’s constipated/watching the scene where Bambi’s mom dies when he sings, he in an extremely talented guitar player. The concert is broken into 3 sections: John performing accoustic, performing with his John Mayer Trio jazz band, and with another band. On the blu ray it looks and sounds much better than on an mp3 player.

If you haven’t heard or watched Where The Light Is, I highly recommend picking it up at Best Buy or downloading it. Do I condone illegally downloading some of the tracks? Fuck yes I do. Everybody does it.

If you want some suggestions for which songs to download, here are my favorite tracks from the CD.

1. In Your Atmosphere– a track I had never heard before. It’s accoustic and just sounds nice. There’s a second part to the song that starts after a brief round of applause from the crowd, and that’s actually my favorite part of the song.

2. Stop This Train– a very soothing song, and sounds great on the guitar. Good lyrics and there’s a part of the track where John whistles and sounds so good, it doesn’t even sound like a human could produce the noise (but after watching the DVD, it is Mayer).

3. Gravity– One of my all-time favorite songs of his. He performs it with his jazz trio and it’s a great live rendition. Really puts you in a good mood, and at over 8 minutes long, has some great guitar parts.

4. Why Georgia– A Mayer classic from his first cd. It’s a very energetic acoustic version, and he really sounds good on the track.

Hope you like the suggestions, and let me know if you listen to any of Where The Light Is!


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