The new store in town

So I was walking Sally today around 5, and we walked our normal path. Everything was the same as usual.

She tried to eat an old piece of pizza in a bush.

She shat on the ONE lawn where the owners of the house were staring right at us (sorry 155 Cherry Ave).

And she sniffed her little heart out, trying to get a sense of her surroundings.

But, one thing was different. While walking down Flint Ave, Sally starting barking at 2 kids sitting at a table on their front lawn. I’ve done this walk over a thousand times with her, and that table had never been there before.

So as we approached the table, a little girl called me over and said, “excuse me mister! would you like to buy something from our new store?”

I figured she was selling lemonade, and I was simply going to say “no thanks” and continue walking Sally. However, I walked up to the table, and saw that this little girl, Julia, and her brother had put a lot of effort into their “store”. They made an “OPEN” sign, they named the store, she made a fake cash register, and she even had store hours (they are closed on labor day).

Sally sat right in front of the table, and Julia told me about her business. She had a few toy cars for sale, a dinasour, a plastic airplane, and a coloring book that came with a free marker. I explained to her that I didn’t have any money on me (or let’s be honest, in general), but she was too sweet to care about that. She insisted that I have something for free. I told her I would feel bad doing it, but she persisted. In fact- she even offered me the 25 cents she had already earned from one “customer”. I could see it on her face that she was upset I wouldn’t take anything, so I explained to her that by my not taking anything, it would give her the opportunity to sell it to someone else. I then told her that I was jealous that she had a good job, while I hadn’t made any money today, and she offered me a position as a security guard. She really made me laugh.

I’ve always been a big fan of little kids – not all – but most. But talking to Julia and her brother was some of the most innocent and funniest conversation i’ve had in a long time. She told me she was nervous about starting 2nd grade at a new school since she just moved to Larchmont, but I told her Chatsworth is a great place and 2nd grade is a lot of fun. And even though she just met me, she really believed me.

I wanted to stay and talk to her and her mom (who was talking to me the whole time as well), but after 20 minutes of listening to her entrepreneurial ideas, I got nervous sally was going to take a dump in front of her store- and I didn’t want to be banned for life.

I got a lot out of my talk with Julia. First, I realized that there’s even more competition than I had thought in the job market today. Second, really young kids can hold an excellent conversation and have more motivation than some of my friends. And lastly, I hadn’t really thought about having kids ANY time soon- and still don’t want any in the near future- but I left the new store on Flint Ave in such a good mood and with a huge smile on my face, and it made me really excited to do fun things like that with my kids one day, and I hope they are just as outgoing as Julia is.

Although I hope my kids have better business skills and don’t give away free money to costumers who don’t have any.


2 Responses to “The new store in town”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Haha, last line was priceless. Loved it

  2. Jacob Says:

    You’re not allowed to have kids before me!

    Very cute…

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