The Ivy League Schools Car

I feel like many of my stories derive from walks with is no exception.

While walking Sally today, I passed this car that was parked in a driveway on Cherry Ave.


I’m sorry but seeing this just made me really want to place a University of Pheonix Online bumper sticker under Columbia. I understand all your kids are very smart and went to great schools, but Harvard, Princeton, Columbia? Now you’re just bragging…

Now normally, Sally likes to go #2 in a section of ivy that is on our walking path. However, I felt letting her shit NEXT TO ivy (league school bumper stickers) was just as good for her. So, being the friendly neighbor that I am, I waited next to that car for a good…oh i’d say…6 minutes in hopes that Sally would take a shit on their lawn. And without hesitation, Sally dropped one like she had 3 breakfasts at Denny’s.

Did I have a newspaper bag to clean it up? Of course I did.

Did I take the time to pick it up? You don’t have to go to Harvard to figure out that answer.


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