Where are they now?

We all watched 7th Heaven when we were younger. If you think you haven’t, you’re lying to yourself. Anyways, out of all the daughters in the Camden family, we all know Jessica Biel (the oldest Camden, Mary) has turned into one of the hottest girls alive (although her career went down the shitter after “starring” in Summer Catch with Freddie Prinze Jr.) I’m not quite sure what happend to the blonde one, Lucy Camden (Beverlly Mitchell), but I’m pretty sure she was in one of the Saw movies…and I could care less what happend to that little fucker Simon Camden (I’ve wanted to hit him with a shovel ever since the episode where he got an earring..)

Anyways, the main reason for this post, is because I’ve recently seen pictures of the youngest daughter, Ruthie Camden, played by Mackenzie Rosman..I know you remember her cute little smile and curly brown hair…

Well, here’s a little update for you: Mackenzie is 19 AND BANGIN!

Here’s a recent picture of her:

The fact that she has basically done nothing with her career since 7th Heaven ended after ELEVEN seasons means nothing to me. The fact that she now looks like this… is what’s important, people.

She has recently been the subject of some criticism, after a photo of her in only a bra and panties has surfaced on the internet. However, I’m not going to post that picture here for two reasons: one, my grandma reads my blog and I don’t want to scare off one of the few people who actually reads this crap, and two, let’s try to keep this blog somewhat classy. Also, I don’t know exactly how old she is in the picture, so I don’t want to subject my readers to looking at child porn if she’s under 18 in the pic…it’s just too close to tell. However, if you really want to see the picture, just type Mackenzie’s name into google and it will come up.

so the real question is, who’s hotter now?

Ruthie Camden?


Mary Camden?

If  anyone knows of any other good “where are they now’s” let me know!

Note: in case anyone was wondering, Mackenzie is currently working on a movie about Edgar Alan Poe. Sounds thrilling.


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