Have you seen the Axe commercial for the new Chocolate Body Spray?

Like any Axe commercial, it implies that if you wear axe, you will have girls all over you.

Well, this stuff  actually works.

Dan and I were at CVS tonight trying to find inflatable ostriches for our halloween costumes (yes, you read that correctly). My roomate Kriger got one from WalMart last year and it was awesome. Here’s a pic from last halloween when Krig and I went to Madison for the best halloween party on any college campus.

 (yes, I was a condom dispenser)

Anyways, after going to WalMart, KMart and CVS, and unsuccessfully finding any ostriches with pumps attached to them, Dlaish said he wanted to try out the new chocolate axe. I was curious to check it out as well after watching the commercial, so we tracked it down in CVS.

After finding it, I sprayed it on myself, and to my dissapointment, I did not turn into a walking piece of dark chocolate. However, there happend to be a group of cute girls in the same isle, so I asked them if I smelled like chocolate.

One girl came over, and literally grabbed my shirt to smell me and thought it smelled great. So great in fact, that she called over her two friends to come smell me as well.

I now have three girls smelling me and pulling on my shirt. This is not a joke. I don’t know who writes up the commercials for Axe, but that guy is fucking dead on. Chicks love the stuff.

Dlaish and I ended up talking to these girls for a while longer, and found out they are Au Pairs from Argentina and Brazil- all with very sexy accents. And to top off the power of the chocolate axe spray, they asked for our numbers before we left. When we walked away I’m pretty sure they said, “bye Dan…bye chocolate.”

For some reason, I didn’t actually buy the chocolate axe, but apparently girls enjoy the smell of it, and I would certainly recommend it.


2 Responses to “Chocolate”

  1. Mark Says:

    so you’ve proven axe is effective as a conversation piece, but as a cologne? im not sold. and does it actually smell like chocolate? because that would be disgusting and pretty gay. and are you really comparing jessica biel to ruthie camden? i don’t care if ruthie grows up to be a porn star, look at jessica biel again.

  2. Dan Says:

    i love that you blogged about our experience in cvs and axe chocolate. you really do blog about anything on here haha

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