Sports rambling

The Knicks looked relatively promising tonight, winning the season opener 120-115 over the Heat. Not sure if the Knicks are a solid team, or Miami is still horrible..but we will find out soon enough. Seeing Stephan Marbury on the bench the entire game gave me mixed emotions. The team will miss Starbury’s leadership on the court, but they certainly proved tonight they can win without him. As for Eddy Curry, seeing his whining ass on the bench all game brought a big smile to my face. It looks as though he won’t play a very important role with the knicks this year. He is extremely out of shape and certainly doesn’t fit into D’Antoni’s offense. Perhaps he could land a tryout with a WNBA team- he certainly has the cup size to play women’s basketball. And although he didn’t play all game, he spent the entire fourth quarter in the locker room icing a sore knee. What exactly was he sore from? Keeping his seat warm? Either way, Knicks are in first place and I haven’t said that in a VERY long time.

As for baseball, the Phillies beat the Rays to win the World Series tonight 4 games to 1. As much as I don’t care about either team, I was certainly pulling for the Rays simply because they are an AL East team, and it’s nice to think the Yankees are in the most competitive division in baseball. Phillies really surprised me in the playoffs- I felt they didn’t have enough pitching to go far, but I guess the combination of Hamels and Lidge is all they needed. I had actually said to a few friends a few years ago about how I thought Hamels was someone I’d really like the Yankees to go after and that I felt he was one of the best young pitchers in the league. He certainly proved that this postseason, going 4-0 and winning the World Series MVP.

As for the Islanders, uuuuuuuuuuuuugh….where do I even begin? They continue to stink up the Coliseum every time they take the ice. I’m surprised they even show up to the games sometimes. Coming into the rivaly game against the Rangers, I was expecting them to turn things around. The Rangers put a quick end to that thought, scoring a goal less than a minute into the game! However the Isles have got a young guy named Josh Bailey who should make some noise for them pretty soon. He was the fifth pick overall last year but hasn’t played yet due to an injury. He should be healthy in a week or two and might just be the spark this pathetic excuse for a team needs.

And in NASCAR…just kidding, no one gives a shit.


One Response to “Sports rambling”

  1. Mr X Says:

    “The team will miss Starbury’s leadership on the court”

    -what kind of a feeble attempt at a blog is this? What leadership has stephon marbury provided the knicks in his tenure there? He has been an overrated disappointment culminating in the worst season of his career in 07-08. A leader shares the ball, makes his teammates better, has the ability to carry the team on his shoulders, sets an example for his team on and off the court. Marbury flew home to the east coast while the team was on the west because he was griping with his role on the team. A leader? come on.

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