New York Comedy Festival


For those of you who live in the NY area and are looking for something to do this week, the New York Comedy Festival kicked off last night in NYC.

The event features some of the funniest comedians out there– Sarah Silverman, Tracy Morgan, Frank Caliendo, BJ Novak, Joel McHale, Louis CK, and many other very funny people.

It runs from Nov. 5th-9th, so if you appreciate good comedy- GO! Here’s the full line-up and schedule.

It really is a great line up, although I’m not a big fan of Craig Ferguson (the worst of the late night talk show hosts–with Carson Daly a VERY close second).

Also, my friend Mandy Stadtmiller did a few Q & A’s with a few of the headliners, and you can check them all out here:

Sarah Silverman

Tracy Morrgan

Louis CK

Joel McHale

My favorite comedian performing would have to be BJ Novak (writer/actor on The Office), with Sarah Silverman a close second.

Speaking of which, I know she’s going to kill me for doing this, but my friend Tanya looks very much like Sarah Silverman, even though she denies it every time…you be the judge.


Anyways, go catch some of the NYCF if you get the chance.

And with that, I will leave you with a joke my grandpa tells me every time I see him:

Q: Why is George Bush always on the bottom when he has sex?

A: Because he always fucks up!

Nice mouth he has, huh…


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