Grand Central Station


How awesome is this place?

I take the train into the city very frequently, and there are always people in awe of the high ceiling and the artwork that accompanies it, the large windows, and the overall hustle and bustle of the place. Because I’ve been there so many times, GC doesn’t really phase me anymore–and that bothers me. I know exactly where to find a Chase ATM, which bathroom is the cleanest, and which exit leads to the nuts4nuts cart (the most delicious food in NYC).

But I never really stop and admire the place like most tourists do. I had a good ten minutes before my train back to Larchmont the other day, so I stopped to take this picture. And this one picture captures everything that is great about the giant interior with the information clock in the middle. The massive windows with light pouring through, the arched ceiling, the hundreds of people buzzing around. This is by far one of the coolest places in NYC.

*It should be noted that Grand Central sucks from 2am-5am when they close the doors and make you sleep outside like a hobo until the first train home at 5:35 AM.


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