gobble gobble


Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Turkey day is one of my favorite holidays. I get to see lots of family I usually don’t get to see, tons of great food, and Christmas music is officially on the radio.

I haven’t updated the blog in a while so I figure I’ll just ramble about things that have happened the past few days…

Had a great time at Notre Dame with Dennis and friends. Froze my ass off at the football game against Syracuse, but it was a great game and there’s no better place to watch tradition take place than at Notre Dame Stadium. The students really have there act together with chants, dances, and marshmellow throwing by the seniors for the final home game. Here’s a great action shot of Dennis’ friend Mary getting hit by a marshmellow:


While there, we saw Role Models with Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott (as well as the kid who plays McLovin), and it was HILARIOUS! I really recommend this one.

We also caught an ND hockey game, which was a nice change from the pathetic play of the Islanders. Went to a few parties, had a GREAT tailgate with Dennis’ mom Rosa cooking up a feast for everyone.

Since I’ve been back…saw Shrek the Third which was very clever and funny, went to see my friend Al Reiter’s band “Nobody Can Dance” perform in NYC (they are VERY good), and had about 37 rainbow cookies at Thanksgiving dinner.

Let’s see…Kanye West’s new CD is horrible..Knicks are falling apart…IU basketball is going to be very bad this year…the entourage season finale was great…and I need to find a job (my Islanders internship ended last week).

Anyways, hope everyone had a nice holiday, and I’ll write more when there’s more to write about!


One Response to “gobble gobble”

  1. kathleen.. Says:

    …i happen to like the Kanye West cd
    oh well..i guess that’s it.
    we cant be friends.

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