I Survived Black Friday


Why is this picture here? Because if I can survive a semester in Australia, I can survive a mall.

I was warned and warned and warned.

“Don’t go to the mall today”…”you’ll get trampled and killed”….”you won’t find a parking spot”…”you will get chicken pox if you go”…”your crazy”…even Sally said, “bark bark bark”, which I assumed ment, “see if dog biscuits are 40% off”.

Well you know what, I went. And you know what else? I’m still alive.

In fact, I didn’t notice ANYTHING out of the norm. The only difference was that just about everything was on sale. And no, I didn’t get any looks from the security officers do to my hat that makes me look like a terrorist (thank you Dennis and AJ for pointing that out).

Were people trying to stop me from going to the mall so they could get the last hoodie at jcrew, or enjoy the free samples of bourbon chicken in the food court while I sat at home wondering what could have been? I hope that’s not the case.

Either way, I went to the Westchester, and although my mom thought a flat screen tv would fall on me, I avoided getting killed by anything HD,  made some solid purchases, and went on my way.

I managed to get two ties from JCrew for $38 bucks, one of which apparenlty looks like a Burberry “knockoff” (Maxine, if you’re reading this, give me a break…I can barely afford to park at the Westchester, let alone shop there).

Anyways, I think the whole “stay away from malls” thing is nonsense, as long as you go late in the day.

To those of you who worked at a mall today, I give you credit. Unless you’re the guy who gives out the free samples of bourbon chicken–honestly, take a fucking day off. You are there every single day of the year and it’s just not healthy.


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