The Price Is Wrong, Bitch!


Recently, someone got the EXACT showcase showdown price correct on The Price Is Right. This is nearly impossible, yet someone did it.

So you would think host Drew Carey would go nuts when someone actually got the exact price. Or at least be excited. Or at least show SOME emotion.


Carey announces the price as though he’s reading an obituary.

Watch Carey’s reaction when this guy guesses the exact price.

I stopped watching this show years ago, but clearly it has gone downhill since Bob Barker left. Drew Carey should be fired for the worst hosting job I have ever seen.

Seriously, how could you go wrong with this guy?


One Response to “The Price Is Wrong, Bitch!”

  1. mtriplep Says:

    Lotta controversy around that bid – if you haven’t heard somewhere else apparently there’s this dude in the audience named Ted who has been to so many tapings that he memorized a lot of the prices. And since the PIR reuses a lot of items things happened to come together and Ted was able to tell this guy the exact price (which is perfectly legal as well all know, except I don’t know how the guy playing managed to hear one person yell “$23, 743!” over all the crazies in the audience.

    ANYWAY, according to sources, the producers and Carey obviously knew the bid was spot on when he made it, and the taping was stopped for like 40 minutes while they decided what to do. Since they couldn’t punish the guy for doing anything truly against the rules, they gave him the prize – albeit begrudgingly, which explains Careys comatose reaction.

    Good call on Summer Heights High, btw, that show is hilarious.

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