Jimmy Fallon


Last night was the first episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC.

At first I thought the choice of Fallon to take over for Conan was a good one. He is funny, witty, and seems like he would make a good host.

I understand it was his first episode, but he seemed a bit…awkward last night.  He came off as star struck with his guests, which doesn’t give him much credability. He called Justin Timberlake “dude” which didn’t seem very professional. He did a name-drop story which came off as awkward. And the “game” they played (lick this for $10) was not funny at all.

I want to see Fallon and the show succeed, so hopefully he gets more comfortable as the weeks go on.

One thing that was a plus- At least he didn’t laugh at his own jokes like he usually does.

The highlight of the night was definitely Justin Timberlake’s impression of John Mayer. The sound quality is kind of shitty but it was hilarious.


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