I’m heading to Florida today (Friday, March 6th) for a much undeserved vacation with Dennis and Nora. Won’t be back until March 17th, but I’ll do my best to blog from West Palm Beach.

Last time the 3 of us were together was in the freezing cold of Notre Dame, so I’m looking forward to trading in the snow for the hot sun of southern Florida.

Last time I was in Florida was this summer, when I lived in a retirement community in Leesburg for a sports journalism internship. I vowed never to return to that god forsaken “town” of rednecks and old people (with the one exception being Luke Freeze, who became a very good friend of mine this summer, and is still to this day the only sane person to grow up in Leesburg). Thankfully Nora lives very, very far from Leesburg.

Anyways, as I continue to lounge on the beach, look for my blog posts to be more and more tan as the days go on.



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