A Great Stand-Up Experience

Having a great time in Florida. Great weather. Great Bars. No complaints whatsoever.

One thing I wanted to do while down here was to get a stand-up gig. Well, I’ve only been here for two days, and I managed to talk my way into one last night!

I looked on a website for all the local comedy clubs, and called “Groucho’s comedy”  in Port St. Lucie to see if I could get a guest spot. The guy was very hisitant to give me a spot in last night’s show, as he didn’t think I was a well established comedian (smart guy). But I told him I’ve been doing stand-up for four years (which I will have done in 3  years, 9 months) and he eventually agreed to give me 6-8 minutes after I emailed him a link to my videos.

He told me it was being billed as a “clean” show, so no profanity or sexual content. At first I was nervous considering 75% of my jokes would fall into the “dirty” catagory, but I then realized it would be a good opportunity for me to do a tv-friendly set in case I ever get to that point in my career.

The crowd was..not what I expected. Mostly older people and rednecks, which threw me off since I didn’t think there were too many rednecks in South Florida. But it was a great experience since I’m so used to NY crowds and I need to know if my jokes will work in other states. And the show went extremely well. They even got my “lol” joke, which surprised me. As soon as I said my alzheimers joke I realized it probably wasn’t the best joke to use with a bunch of old people, but I mentioned that after the joke and it got lots of laughs.

They even invited me back to do another set on Friday which I thought was pretty cool.


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