Final Four


The Final Four is all set.

Villanova vs. North Carolina

Michigan State vs. Connecticut

Did anyone have all four correct in their bracket?

My prediction- UNC vs Uconn in the finals. UNC winning it all. 84-72


5 Responses to “Final Four”

  1. Rebecca Barnard Says:

    I don’t Think Ne one had this right cuz Duke lost it which was a BIG suprise for many people
    but im hoping that Michigan state takes it all But im kinda worried that North Carilina Will talk it all but thats how i look at it =]]

  2. Rebecca Barnard Says:


  3. jonathan470 Says:

    I agree Rebecca, it would be hard to imagine anyone having the exact final four correct. I’m not really sure who i’m pulling for since both my teams (Indiana and Syracuse) aren’t in it, but I guess I would haev to root for Michigan State since I went to a Big Ten school. thanks for reading the blog!

  4. Lauren Says:

    That is a close ending score that you guessed. Wish you would have had more faith in MSU though. I mean common Jon, you might lose a fan due to that.

  5. jonathan470 Says:

    Ya I didn’t do too bad there. I definitely should have stuck with a Big Ten team in the finals..congrats on a good season at least! It didn’t look like anyone was going to be beating UNC.

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