Bathroom Talk



It really bothers me when signs use unnecessary words to make it sound more…proper I guess?

I took a bathroom break while editing my Comic Strip Live video at the NY Post, and this sign was in the bathroom. 

Here is how the sign reads:

Attention Gentlemen:

Please place all paper refuse in the garbage container where it belongs. Too many times there have been used paper towels on the floor surrounding the trash bin.

Honestly? Is paper refuse really necessary? Is garbage container that much more clarifying? Is trash bin your attempt at using as many words as possible to identify where garbage goes?

Here’s how the sign should read:

Yo Guys:

Can you please put all paper in the garbage where it belongs. How fucking lazy are you? Too many times there have been used paper towels on the floor, which just so happen to be near the trash, but not in it. This isn’t fucking horseshoes, and these aren’t hand grenades. “Close enough” won’t cut it. I’m disappointed in you.

Get your shit together,

Captain Planet.


One Response to “Bathroom Talk”

  1. Kathleeeen Says:

    you used far too many words as well..people ten to stop reading after about five the point should be made in those first couple of words..

    my advice is to first use a word like “Sex.” or some profane alternative..and then address the problem..

    better yet…remove all words. and just draw a picture..

    paper + swerved lines into garbage equals a smiling captain planet..

    sadly ..people *do understand where the garbage belongs and one strategically placed notice is not going to lead to a sudden boost in the disposal of paper towels..


    i think you may be onto something with the disappointment line. and the signature of the planets kudos on that one..

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