Pay Up, Paris.


I’ve heard sports stars guarantee a win before. Joe Namath, Mark Messier, and even Anthony Smith of the Steelers guaranteeing a victory overt the previously undefeated Patriots. Some of them were able to back up their words, and some weren’t (I’m looking at you Anthony Smith).

But win or lose, all these athletes did was put their team’s pride on the line, and nothing else.

Enter Courtney Paris.

Before the Women’s March Madness Tournament started (yes, it already started), Paris didn’t just guarantee Oklahoma would win the entire tournament, she backed it up with money. A lot of $$$. Here is what Paris promised:

Oklahoma women’s hoops star Courtney Paris is so confident that she can bring a national championship back to Norman, that she says she will pay back her entire college scholarship if she fails.

Well, as of about an hour ago, #1 Oklahoma LOST to #3 Louisville, 61-59 in the Final Four.

Say goodbye to your first four years worth of salary from the WNBA, Paris!

Idiot, idiot, idiot.


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