The Bad


(pic: guy who crashed and burned before me)

Last week I had a gig at The Village Lantern in NYC. It was the same place I did my first ever stand-up show, so it was cool being back there. But the crowd was certainly different than when I was last there. There were literally 7 people there- 3 guys who were on vacation from LA, a juiced up dude from the Jersey Shore and his girlfriend, and a Russian guy and his Russian girlfriend.  None of them seemed to be there for comedy- simply for the 2-for-1 drinks (I don’t blame them). As comedian after comedian went up, they became more rowdy and analytical of the performers. They would heckle, talk to each other loudly, and leave to use the bathroom repeatedly (at one point, the Jersey dude and his gf were hardcore making out, and then he left for the bathroom, and then 2 minutes later she left for the bathroom. Then about 10 minutes later he came back from the bathroom, and about 2 minutes after that she came back from the bathroom, and I’m pretty sure she was whiping something from her face.)

When I finally went up (I was the last comedian to go up) things were simply out of hand. The “audience” were all trashed and wanted to leave. The first thing I did was nervously call out the Jersey guy on his apparent bathroom sex romp, and thankfully he smiled and laughed, because he definitely could have bench pressed me with one hand. About 30 seconds into my act they all started talking to each other and to the waitress about their bills. Normally this is ignored, but when the only people in the room are talking to one another, I didn’t see the point of telling any jokes. I’ve never been rattled on stage before, but this really threw me off. I laughed it off and just sat on the stool and waited. It was pretty much a  joke (no pun intended), it wasn’t even a comedy show. It was just me standing on a stage with a mic, while seven drunk people talked amongst themselves. Eventually they quieted down and asked to hear some jokes. Instead of laughing they said good or bad after each joke. It was interesting to say the least.

Although it wasn’t the typical setting I was used to for a show, it was definitely good to get a gig like that under my belt. I know not all shows will be filled with 50 people, and the crowds won’t always be great. It certainly toughened me up and I’ll be much more prepared if something like this happens again.


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