The Good


(pic: Judah Friedlander)

Last Wednesday I was asked to report for the NY Post on the Comic Strip Live audition lottery that was being brought back after a two year hiatus. My wonderful friend at the NY Post, Mandy Stadtmiller, hooked me up with the story, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Comic Strip Live is one of the most famous comedy clubs in NYC, and is where such comedians as Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, and Eddie Murphy were first discovered before they made it big.

adam-sandler1 -Adam Sandler

seinfeld-sign-upsheet – Jerry Seinfeld’s original sign up sheet for his audition in 1976.

For the first 30 years of the club, they held auditions for any comic in NY to come and receive an audition date (through a number lottery system), and each comic would receive five minutes of stage time on their given date to perform in front of the club booker and owners. After a two year hiatus, the club brought back the lottery and I was there to report on it!

I got to personally meet both club owners and the booker, as well as the club publicist Ryan McCormick, who couldn’t have been nicer to me throughout the night. And as part of the story, they pushed up my audition date to THAT NIGHT, and would get to perform a five minute set in front of both club owners and the booker. I’ve never been nervous for a gig, but considering everyone else in the line-up that night had at least 10 years experience (it was a top-rate professional show), and I have only been doing bringer shows with comics of limited experience, I was intimidated. Included in the line-up was none other than Judah Friedlander from 30 Rock, and he was fucking hilarious.

My set went great, not my best performance, but I didnt fuck up a single joke which I was nervous about. I went a little faster than I would have liked, and didn’t move at all on stage, which the owners both said I should have done, but in the long run I couldn’t have been happier with how the night went and they said I was welcomed back any time.

After hours of editing, with the help of the NY Post’s  Rome Neal, here is the final story. Enjoy!

And thanks again to Mandy Stadtmiller!!!!!


One Response to “The Good”

  1. Kathleeeen Says:

    sooo i watched it. very cool. that chick (with a secret) made me smile.

    im surprised you say you didnt move around on stage..because i noticed that you dont usually stand still..or atleast your arms dont..

    high five on a job well done.

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