Best Line Ever in an Email

Met a girl while working at Longfords tonight, and she eventually asked me for a card so she could look at my stand-up videos. After watching some of my clips, she sent me this email. I highlighted the best part. (side note: I can’t decided if I prefer being called cute or hilarious with four exclamation points, because that means I’m REALLY funny.)

Hi Jonathan,
It was nice to meet you today. I checked out your material on my space. You are so hilarious!!!! and cute.
I’d definitely love to see you live perhaps your show on Sat; I have to see if any of my friends would come with me.
By the way, what is teabagging?
Hope to hear from you soon.


One Response to “Best Line Ever in an Email”

  1. kathleen Says:

    uhm. my favorite part is her curiousity for teabagging.

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