Death By Dishwasher



My dad just put up this sign on the dishwasher.

Apparently he randomly read in a magazine that this specific model of dishwasher has had over 30 cases of starting a fire and is being recalled.

I’ve never thought about our house lighting on fire before, and it scares me to think that we were at a higher risk of this happening because of a dishwasher.

Thank you dad for reading your nerdy magazine about appliances.

So if you have a Bosch model SHE44C dishwasher- serial number FD8503…get out while you still can! or simply get the fire hazard fixed.




One Response to “Death By Dishwasher”

  1. Melissa Says:

    My house went up in flames after my fish tank caught on fire. There are pics somewhere on facebook.

    I promise I’ll come to one of your comedy shows soon…this weekend has been ridiculously insane.

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