Good Deed Turned Bad


While walking through Grand Central tonight, a girl in front of me dropped something. I realized she didn’t notice she dropped anything, so I went to pick it up to give it back to her. As I approached the object I noticed it was black and lacy, and I just assumed it was some sort of hair band. As soon as I picked it up, I realized it was her underwear.

A few people posted on my facebook, “So what? That’s a bad thing?,” and “You have girls throwing their panties at your feet!”

I’m sorry but unless I ask a girl to take off her panties and then they fall to the ground, it’s not awesome.

In fact, it was disgusting to think about. This wasn’t Adriana Lima’s panties. If that were the case they would be on eBay right now. It was a very not-so-sexy stranger’s underwear.

I approached her and I simply said, “please tell me these haven’t been warn.”

Thankfully they were “an extra pair.”

Question: Why are girls walking around with an extra pair of panties?


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