Words Of Wisdom


You have an iPod. I know you do. 

And if you don’t, someone in your family does.

I just want to strongly encourage everyone to set your iPod to your full name. For example, mine would be “Jonathan Morvay’s iPod.”

I left my iPod at a gig last Friday, and had already ordered a new one assuming I would never see my black nano ever again. However, someone was nice enough to find it, plug it into their computer and see “what” the iPod was called. It didn’t even have my last name (it just said “Jonathan’s iPod) but the guy who found it remembered I was on the show and looked me up on facebook which is ridiculous. This guy truly went out of his way to return my beloved iPod.

So just take a minute and make it so it is “your” iPod in case you lose it or Scooby-Doo borrows it an can’t remember who’s it is because he had too many scooby snacks.



2 Responses to “Words Of Wisdom”

  1. Mark Says:

    My ipod is called Black Jesus – does this mean if it gets found someone is going to give it to Barack Obama?

  2. jonathan470 Says:

    god you are so ignorant…

    they would obviously have to give it to his security.

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