Sorry I didn’t have any postings in November. No excuse for that, and I will try my best to get back to one posting a day here for December.

Anyways, I’ve been in Colorado the past five days visiting my old college roommate and this place is amazing! Absolutely freezing, but very scenic and excellent skiing.

The only downside to Colorado can be found at Subway. As many of you know, Subway is my favorite sandwich destination. And to my very disliking, I found that they do not honor the $5 footlongs here. Instead, they have $6 footlongs, which is an absolute outcry and needs to be fixed immediately. I have already written the local congressman and I will let you know if any legislation is changed. They even have the nerve to play the $5 footlong commercials on TV!

AAAAAAAAND, they didn’t even accept my Subway rewards card. I’m a fucking Subway black card holder for christ sake! You need to spend over $50,000 a year at Subway to earn one of these! As you can see, I am very upset about this.


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