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Comedy Album Review: Nick Thune’s Thick Noon

March 5, 2010

“The other day I walked in on my roommate while I was masturbating,” is the first joke comedian Nick Thune tells the Denver Comedy Works crowd in his new CD/DVD, Thick Noon. The album, which was produced by Comedy Central Records, is the first from the Seattle-born funnyman, whose partner is his acoustic guitar.

I first discovered Thune while catching his Comedy Central Presents half-hour special last year on Comedy Central, and was instantly hooked on his witty-one liners. Thune is a tall, hairy-faced comic who spews out one-liner after one-liner while strumming away on his trusty guitar.

“I think the best part of getting a thank you card, is sending back a you’re welcome card,” Thune continues on the second track of his CD. He then goes on to describe how he likes to stuff his you’re welcome cards with Starbucks gift cards. “Those things are free, you can grab as many of those as you want.”

Thune continues with a solid eight minutes of one-liners and quick jokes, including these gems:

Lifesavers only work if you’re a diabetic.

Wouldn’t the world be a cleaner place if we gave blind people brooms instead of canes?

The only technical part of a technical college is that it’s technically a community college.

I’ll tell you the most awkward place to run into a homeless person – it’s on the way to the coinstar machine.

I looked up bisexual in the dictionary, and it just said – see gay.

I just got organic balls, so that I can green tea bag people.

Is this guy clever or what?

Thune also shows off his fantastic crowd work skills, asking someone in the audience if he would play truth or dare with him. When the audience member obliges, Thune quickly comes back with, “OK, what’s your favorite anti-drug campaign – truth or dare?” Brilliant.

One of the tracks on the album goes in a different direction, as Thune reads off a timeline of when one of his friends got really stoned, and Thune simply followed him around while recording all the ridiculous things he said and did. This track, appropriately titled “Weed Timeline” slows down the pace of his jokes, yet does not slow down the laughs as the crowd eats up every entry of his weed journal.

Thune then whips his guitar back out, and continues to crush the crowd with such songs as “Instant Messanger” and “Missed Connections”, the latter being a song about the missed connections section of Craigslist. To close out the song, Thune impressively improvises the last verse using two audience members he had previously talked to.

The CD also includes some in-studio tracks he had previously recorded, that have appeared in online sketches he wrote and acted in.

Overall I give Thick Noon 5 out of 5 stars (I can’t help it if I’m a fan), and I highly suggest purchasing the CD either on iTunes or picking up the CD/DVD combo at your nearest music store. You’re welcome.